HEINÄMAANTIE 35 in English

Property address: 35 Heinämaantie, Orimattila, Finland.

Briefly about Orimattila: It is a town and municipality of Finland. It is located in the Päijänne Tavastia region.


Päijänne Tavastia is a region in Southern Finland south of the lake Päijänne. It borders the regions Uusimaa, Tavastia Proper, Pirkanmaa, Central Finland, Southern Savonia, and Kymenlaakso. The biggest city in the region is Lahti.


The municipality has a population of 16,276 (31 August 2017) and covers an area of 814.01 square kilometers (314.29 sq mi) of which 28.87 km2 (11.15 sq mi) is water.


Property is owned by BBI8- Brown Bear Investments Oy.

BBI8- Brown Bear Investments Oy is looking for a partnership or ambitious investors to invest in this large property. We are looking for partners to discuss projects related to the business premise

The cooperation is focused on a large estate and 6.5 ha of land, with a total of 7,000 square meters of building rights remaining on the plot. The land will be rented to the partner. In the surrounding area of the entertainment center, it is possible to develop an adventurous type of entertainment. It is also possible to arrange exhibitions, vendors, auctions, and events in the entertainment center.

The property included school and apartment buildings that have a combined floor area of 5425 m2. The main school building has three floors: 1 basement, 1 ground floor and upstairs. Built solidly with reinforced concrete and belongs to the land area of ​​64,000 m2. The buildings are in good condition and could be ready to get into operation.

Located 100km away from Helsinki, 30km from Lahti and 2.5-3km to Orimattila city center.

The property has the ability to be invested into as: 

  • International school/ vocational school/University campus
  • A multi-functional entertainment center( dance class, yoga, movie theater, kid play center, art class, art exhibition, start-up workspace..)
  • Hostel/motel/apartments rental
  • Restaurant/catering service
  • Food production

There are 2 big options, which BBI88 thinks are suitable the best for this premise:

  • Vocational school
  • Hostel/ hotel / rental apartments

There are many opportunities to make this premise profitable because it was a vocational school (Teaching Finnish cuisine and baking), therefore all the facilities and infrastructures are meant to be a place for teaching and studying, and provide accommodations for students and teachers who stay there fulltime.

The main school building’s dimensions are 125m x 13.20m. It is used to be a vocational school and has several in-house facilities such as various differently sized classrooms;  62 bedrooms (14,6m2-22m2); industrial cooking kitchen and several small kitchens belong to dormitory area; large dining rooms, saunas;  fire alarm system, and surveillance camera. The structural quality of the building is high, doors and walls are fired proofed.




The second building’s dimensions are 18m x 16.50m. It used to be an apartment building for teachers and staff include 5 apartments; 6 garages; many storage rooms on the ground floor; and of course a sauna as well.



The 2 buildings can be heated by natural gas, oil, and electricity. The main school building has the opportunity to use solar power.

Long-term lease preferred but could be negotiated. Best suit to be University or vocational school campus. Hotel/ hostel/apartment renting is also suitable. For the nursing home as well.

It is allowed to build an additional 7000 m2 if needed for production or other business purposes.


Space for 37 cars. More parking space can be easily created. It is possible to drive to the plot with a large goods vehicle.

Nearby services

All the services of the city of Orimattila within 1-3 km. The industrial center of Päijänne Tavastia, the city of Lahti, is 25 km away.

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