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Why Brown Bear as the name of the company: the Brown bear is the national animal of Finland. The Bear symbol was important as it represented a protector and symbolized courage, physical strength, and leadership. Bears are strong, agile, and quick. The meaning of the Bear Symbol was to signify a good omen and convey authority.


Olemme tuore yritys, jonka taustavoimista löytyy vuosikymmenten kokemus ja palo kiinteistöalalle. Keskitymme vuokraamaan tiloja pääkaupunkiseudun ulkopuolelta edulliseen hintaan, jotta voimme luoda asiakkaillemme kiinnostavia mahdollisuuksia laajentaa toimintaa ja säästää kuluissa.

BBI88- Brown Bear Investments Oy – A young but ambitious Finnish start-up company, established in late July 2018 with the interests of doing business in the real estate and investments filed. We are interested in investing on business premises located outside Helsinki but convenient for transportation and contain business opportunities, then offer the opportunity to customers who would like to invest or relocate their business away from expensive Uusimaa region.

At the moment BBI88 owns the premise Heinämaantie 35 Orimattila. This premise, according to our vision and research, has a very good potential future for investors who have a good vision. It is an excellent place for education business/ hostel, hotel service or even a nursing home. Besides the buildings, the premise has its own forest which can turn into a beautiful landscape if it becomes hostel/hotel service.

We are open with offers.

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IMG_9418Juha Hiltunen – CEO  has a background as an International Business and Logistics student. Graduated from Metropolia University in Finland, he has excellent knowledge and experience in trade/sales/marketing/communication field and has lots of knowledge of doing business with Asians.


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